Home Concierge

Marco Island Home Services offers this add-on service to arrange anything for a fee that would make your arrival and stay on Marco Island more enjoyable. Some examples of concierge services are grocery shopping, fresh flowers, event tickets, limo services, yacht services, fishing charters, dinner cruises, managing your car, and many others. Basically, we can get or help you with anything!

Home Watch

Marco Island Home Services will inspect your home every two weeks. We check for leaks and mold; inspect glass windows and doors for breakage and/or breaches in security; run water for sinks; check the refrigerator; check and flush commodes and dishwashers; check for insects and rodents; check for visible irregularities; check the AC and change the filter as needed. See Inspection Checklist

  • 3 months - $375
  • 6 months - $715
  • 9 months - $1055
  • 12 months - $1430


"Our family has been serving the people of Marco Island for over 25 years!"

After Washing

Before Washing

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Roof Washing

Auto Watch service

We have a bi-weekly Auto Start Service where we start your vehicle during our Home Watch inspection to insure that the essential fluids are circulated throughout the engine and transmission to avoid drying of seals and provide for proper lubrication.

We will secure your home for the storm, Shut down the power prior to Event, Restore power after Event and check one more time that all systems are back online and operations are returned to normal.

Hurricane Watch


Marco Island Home Services will assist you with you house cleaning needs; from freshen ups to Deep Cleaning.  Cindy will strive to have your home cleaned just the way you like it.  Along with our pressure washing services, we can keep your house clean both inside and out! Call today.

Irrigation Watch Service

We do all forms of pressure washing including pool decks, patios, pavers, drive ways and walk ways, mobile homes and house siding.  Call today for an estimate!

Trash Service

We have a monthly Irrigation Watch Service where we step through the irrigation timer zones to make sure all sprinkler heads are functioning properly.  We also check for stuck solenoids and broken water lines from the meter to the irrigation system cut-off valve.



Marco Island Home Services is a team of seasoned professionals who have been maintaining homes for years. Our experience is vast and our resources deep. We hold a maintenance license to offer handyman services here in Collier County for light maintenance-type work, and a roof cleaning business license for pressure washing your roof. Our team can also wash windows, and wash and wax your boat.

***Please inquire about our Licensed Handyman Services***

To get started, click here to view our standard Home watch/home management contract.

If would like to sign up for home management/home watch, or are looking to renew your contract you may do so on our Service Request page.

With all our services, you get a Home Watch Report modified specifically for you and sent shortly after each visit to your home.

If you prefer, you can download the contract, fill it out and email your completed contract to  info@mihomeservices.com.

When you or your guests leave and you need trash to be processed, we will set your bins to the curb for pickup - and then brought back in after they have been emptied.

Home Management

Marco Island Home Services will manage the home every week. We include all the same inspections as Home Watch. In addition we manage your sub-contractors weekly (housekeepers, lawn care, pool service; etc.), open and close the property for sub-contractors and for guests. We are the main contact person for all your sub-contractors and guests.


  • 3 months - $715
  • 6 months - $1430
  • 9 months - $2145
  • 12 months - $2860




Collier County License