Who better to look after your investment than a licensed home watch specialist. Marco Island Home Services can Watch or Manage your property. We are seasoned professionals that look at your property differently than a housekeeper or a neighbor. We are a Collier County licensed & insured home watch company. Taking care of your investment is what we do!

Home Watch

Marco Island Home Services will inspect your home every two weeks. Check for leaks, mold; inspect glass windows and doors for breakage and/or breaches in security; run water for sinks; check refrigerator; check and flush commodes and dishwashers; check for insects and rodents; check for visible irregularities; check the AC and change the filter as needed.


Home Management

Marco Island Home Services will manage the home every week. We include all the same inspections as Home Watch. In addition we manage your sub-contractors weekly (housekeepers, lawn care, pool service; etc.), open and close the property for sub-contractors and for guests. We are the main contact person for all your sub-contractors and guests.


Home Concierge

Marco Island Home Services Home Concierge is an add-on service that can arrange any service for a fee that would make your arrival and stay on Marco Island more enjoyable. Some examples of concierge services are Grocery shopping, Fresh flowers, Event tickets, Limo services, Yacht services, Fishing charter, Dinner cruise, Manage your car, and many others. Basically we can get or help you with anything!

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3 month- $715     9 month- $2145

6 month- $1430 12 month- $2860


3 month- $375   9 month- $1055

6 month- $715 12 month- $1430


Home Watch / Management Service Agreement

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Home Watch ~ Home Management ~ Home Concierge Price List